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Adriatic Sea Voyage

Croatia & Montenegro aboard Running on Waves


Over the course of many millennia, a succession of civilizations—from the Byzantine and Ottoman Empires to the Crusades and the Renaissance—swept across the shores of the Adriatic Sea, leaving behind a wealth of architectural and cultural treasures. Cruise aboard the 18-cabin sailing yacht Running on Waves for a late spring voyage that begins and ends in Dubrovnik, with visits to the beautiful islands and ports of Korcula, Hvar, Trogir, and Split in Croatia and the stunning Bay of Kotor and Kotor town in Montenegro. In a region well worth exploring for its natural beauty alone, you will visit impressive cathedrals, dramatic palaces, and ancient city centers that illuminate the layered history of the Adriatic Sea. Running on Waves comfortably accommodates only 34 guests, and is perfectly sized to navigate both the island-studded coastline as well as the open waters of the Adriatic Sea.