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Malta & Sicily

aboard Variety Voyager


THE CAPTIVATING ISLANDS OF MALTA AND SICILY have been influenced by a variety of cultures since antiquity. Some made significant impacts on the course of civilization; others faded into historical footnotes. But all left their mark, reflected in the numerous archaeological ruins, diverse architectural styles, and delightfully intermingled cultural traditions that have beckoned travelers for centuries.

Embark the 36-cabin Variety Voyager for an in-depth exploration of these two compelling islands, beginning and ending in Malta and circumnavigating Sicily. Visit Agrigento’s Valley of the Temples, Taormina’s Greco-Roman theater, Monreale’s glittering Byzantine mosaics, and the Silvestri Crater near the top of snowcapped Mt. Etna. Meet with aristocrats and literati, dine in a historic palazzo, and taste nature’s bounty at a rural agroturismo. Throughout the cruise, explore the sweeping political, strategic, and cultural history of the Mediterranean Sea during presentations by an excellent team of study leaders. Ashore, expert guides will add their expertise and insights at every destination.