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Prague to the Swiss Alps

aboard Royal Crown


Romantic Old World villages, medieval city centers, picturesque winding rivers, forests and vineyards ablaze with autumn colors, and vibrant cities emblematic of a rapidly transforming Europe comprise the cultural and historical threads of a memorable journey from the Czech Republic, through Germany and France, and ending in Switzerland.

This unique itinerary is bookended by two fascinating destinations—Prague, the historic capital of Bohemia, and the spectacularly beautiful Swiss Alps. Connecting them is a scenic journey from Regensburg to Basel aboard the intimate Royal Crown riverboat along three rivers—the Danube, Main, and Rhine—as well as a transit through the Main-Danube Canal. Marvel at the rebirth of Prague since the fall of the Iron Curtain; enjoy the charm of historic castles; visit six UNESCO World Heritage sites, including the Upper Middle Rhine Valley; sample world-class regional wines; and ponder the future ramifications of decisions made by the European Parliament in Strasbourg.