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Below is a sampling of programs we will be operating in the near future. Most of them are exclusive to our client organizations, but opportunities to book directly with the Criterion office do occasionally arise. Availability will be noted.

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Prague to the Swiss Alps aboard Royal Crown
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Romantic Old World villages, medieval town centers, picturesque winding rivers, forests and vineyards ablaze with autumn colors, and vibrant cities emblematic of a rapidly transforming Europe highlight the cultural richness of a serene cruise on the Danube, Main, and Rhine rivers.
Chile Tour
Astronomy in Chile
On this unique itinerary, experience Chile’s spectacular night skies, its world-class observatories, its vineyards, its ancient cultures, and its richly diverse and legendary landscapes.
Cruising the Mekong River aboard Mekong Princess
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Witness the temples and monuments of legendary Angkor, including Angkor Wat, after a cruise of the Mekong River, one of Asia’s great waterways, venturing far from traditional tour routes to the fascinating but seldom-visited region between Ho Chi Minh City and Phnom Penh.
New Zealand Cruise
New Zealand by Sea aboard Caledonian Sky
Enjoy up-close access to the towering granite cliffs and tumbling waterfalls of Milford Sound and remote Stewart Island, plus Maori tribal dances, bubbling thermal mud pools, and some of the world’s rarest wildlife.
Egypt Nile Cruise
Egypt of the Pharaohs aboard Sun Boat III
See the iconic pyramids in Giza, visit the stunning temples at Abu Simbel, delve into the tombs of the Valley of the Kings, marvel at the Great Dam at Aswan, and view the immense riches on display in the museums of Cairo and Luxor as you explore the remnants of the glorious age of the pharaohs.
Japan by Sea
Japan by Sea: Land of the Rising Sun aboard Caledonian Sky
Venture beyond the major cosmopolitan cities to a fascinating variety of tranquil historic towns, artistic centers, and remote islands bookended by time in Kyoto and Tokyo.
Cruising the Elbe
Cruising the Elbe River aboard Elbe Princesse
Sail between Prague and Berlin, two of Europe’s more dynamic capitals, passing fortress-crowned crags, spectacular gorges, and the sites of some of Western history’s most dramatic moments.
Spain and Portugal
Spain and Portugal aboard Sea Cloud II
Soak up the rich history of the Iberian Peninsula beginning with the stunning Alhambra palace, continuing to Lisbon and Porto along Portugal’s coast, and finishing with a flourish in Bilbao on Spain’s Northern shore.
Tibet, Bhutan, and Nepal Tour
Himalayan Kingdoms
Journey to the “rooftop of the world” through Tibet, Nepal, and Bhutan. See colorful prayer wheels, exotic bazaars, golden Buddhas, splendid stupas, spectacular palaces, and view the mighty Himalayas including famed Mount Everest by air.
Greece Family Cruise
Greece Family Adventure aboard Running on Waves
Enjoy an exclusive and educational family odyssey aboard an intimate sailing yacht to soak up the history, diverse cultural influences, stunning natural beauty, and archaeological treasures of Greece’s Peloponnese peninsula.
Greek Isles Cruise
Sailing the Aegean Sea: Exploring the Cyclades Islands aboard Running on Waves
Focus on some out-of-the-spotlight islands in the Cyclades chain, arguably the most fascinating of all the Greek island groups, in addition to always-popular Naxos and Santorini.