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Ancient Empires

Tunis, Malta, Sicily, & Sardinia aboard Variety Voyager


The three Punic Wars, fought from 261 to 146 B.C. between the Roman Republic and the ancient sea power of Carthage, laid some of the crucial foundations in the development of Western civilization. During more than a century of conflict, a series of hard-fought battles occurred on land and sea, from Sicily to Africa, and the Romans ultimately prevailed to become the dominant political, military, and cultural influence in the region.

You are invited to join a fascinating seven-day cruise aboard the beautiful yacht Variety Voyager to explore ancient Roman, Punic, and Carthaginian sites in the western Mediterranean. See exquisite Roman mosaics in Tunis’s Bardo Museum and, nearby, the remains of the great civilization of Carthage, an evocative UNESCO World Heritage site. Embark the Variety Voyager in Tunis and cruise to Malta, a strategic gem coveted by a succession of empires; the ancient Greek colony of Selinunte, the Carthaginian stronghold of Erice, and Segesta’s beautiful Greek temple on Sicily; and the ancient ruins of Sulci, where the Carthaginian general Hannibal took refuge, on Sardinia.

Travelers will enjoy a series of lecture presentations and informal discussion during the cruise by archaeologist Rod McIntosh and classical scholar Denis Feeney.