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The Mediterranean: Sea of Destiny

aboard the all-suite Island Sky


The Mediterranean Sea has been influenced by a succession of different cultures that have populated its shores since ancient times. During an 11-day cruise from Athens to Nice aboard the Island Sky, delve into the political, strategic, and cultural history of the Mediterranean Sea region.

Visit important archaeological sites including the Acropolis in Athens, legendary Troy, Hagar Qim and Tarxien on Malta, and Sicily’s Agrigento. Enjoy museums rich in ancient treasures, such as the new Acropolis Museum, whose glass floor allows visitors to view the site over which it is built, and the Punic Ship Museum in Marsala, which houses the earliest known warship, dating back to 235 B.C. Visit military and naval battlefields where crucial clashes changed the course of history, and beautiful Greek temples in isolated glory far from their cultural origins.