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Treasures of Colombia, Panama, and Costa Rica

Featuring a daytime transit of the Panama Canal aboard Variety Voyager


Enjoy some of the loveliest islands and national parks in Central America and the Caribbean Sea on a 7-day voyage aboard the state-of-the-art yacht Variety Voyager. Cruise from Cartagena, Colombia, a wonderfully captivating port with beautifully restored Spanish colonial buildings, to Costa Rica, with its fine selection of national parks. As you sail through Caribbean waters, transit the Panama Canal in daylight, and continue along the Pacific coast of Panama and Costa Rica, the region’s natural beauty comes alive—rainforests teeming with exotic wildlife and bird species; sugary beaches fringed by sparkling azure waters; and dense forests that cascade down impressive mountainsides to the shore.

Swim, snorkel, and explore the fascinating marine life supported by one of the largest coral reefs on the Pacific coast of the Americas. Hike through lush rainforests alive with the vivid sounds and colors of a richly diverse wildlife, and soar overhead through the canopy of vegetation that provides habitat for some very unusual species. Also meet the indigenous tribal populations that have been present for countless generations and who maintain many of the customs practiced by their ancestors. An exceptional lecture team that includes a marine biologist, an environmentalist, an engineer, and a journalist will enhance your experience throughout the cruise.

A pre-tour extension to Colombia’s Caribbean coast and Tayrona National Park and a post-tour extension to Costa Rica’s Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve offer opportunities to experience more of the natural treasures in this part of the world.