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Destination Archive

These are examples of programs we have operated in the past. If you see something intriguing (doesn't have to be just one!), please feel free to contact us to find out if we may be operating it again in the near future.

Cultures and Cuisines of Mexico
Cultures and Cuisines of Mexico
Myanmar River Cruise
Myanmar and the Irrawaddy aboard the Orcaella
Cruising the Galápagos aboard La Pinta
The Gulf States: Dubai to Muscat aboard Island Sky
Corfu to Athens aboard Running on Waves
Yucatán and Chiapas
Yucatán and Chiapas
Malta to Athens aboard Variety Voyager
Turning Points of History aboard Variety Voyager
Southern India and Sri Lanka aboard Island Sky
Spain's Mediterranean Coast aboard Sea Cloud
The Azores to Portugal aboard Sea Cloud II
Cartagena, the Panama Canal, and Costa Rica aboard
Variety Voyager
Scandinavian Seafaring aboard Sea Cloud II
A Sicilian Sojourn
Hawaiian Stars
Hawaiian Stars
Hawaii: Geology in Motion
Hawaii: Geology in Motion
The Baltic Sea aboard Sea Cloud II
Prague to the Swiss Alps aboard Royal Crown
Castles and Campaigns: Honfleur to Hamburg aboard Sea Cloud II
Alaska by Private Air
Alaska by Private Air
Malta and Sicily aboard Variety Voyager
Lewis & Clark in Montana and Idaho
Ancient Greece aboard Harmony V
The Route of Cortés
The Route of Cortés
The Black Sea
Circumnavigating the Black Sea aboard Variety Voyager
Grand South Africa including Rovos Rail
Ancient Empires - Tunis, Malta, Sicily, and Sardinia aboard Variety Voyager
National Parks of the Rockies
Galápagos Family Adventure aboard Santa Cruz
The Mediterranean: Sea of Destiny aboard Island Sky
Turkey, Georgia, and Armenia
Adriatic Cruise
Cruising the Adriatic: Venice to Dubrovnik aboard Island Sky
Ladakh and Bhutan
Bell'Italia! aboard Variety Voyager
Paris to Prague aboard River Cloud II
Ancient Cities of the Eastern Mediterranean aboard Variety Voyager
Moors and Mariners aboard Harmony V